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The 1st Overseas Presentation of Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo and International Investment Conference Held in France

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On the morning of March 8 in local time, the first overseas presentation of the second Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo and International Investment Conference was convened in Paris, France. Zheng Li, Secretary General of Secretariat of Organizing Committee of Western China International Fair and Director of Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs, made introduction to the basic information of Sichuan Province, the conference and exhibition industry in Sichuan, effect of Western China International Fair and this term of Import and Export Expo, devoting major efforts to promote Sichuan, driving communication and cooperation. She invited the Chinese and foreign guests present to support and participate in Western China International Fair and the Import and Export Expo, to establish and expand the cooperation with Sichuan and other places in western China.

Gao Yuanyuan, Minister-Counsellor of Embassy of China in France, Feng Zhiyuan, Program Lead of Foreign Affairs and International Development Department of France Asia Division, Pan Nuo, President of Bank of China, Paris Branch, French Economist Jean PAUL ZHANG, et al., made statements. More than 60 representatives of enterprises and chambers of commerce from aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection, education, tourism, finance, automobile, agriculture, culture and department store industries and government officials attended the presentation, during which, they warmly communicated and exchanged ideas with each other, having further learning about Sichuan and other places of western China. This presentation effectively helped in inviting guests and attracting investment and exhibition for the Import and Export Expo.

Sichuan enjoys obvious advantages in opening up by grasping the national strategic opportunities

Zheng Li pointed out that, in the wake of implementation of the “Belt and Road”, Yangtze River Economic Zone and other strategies, western China has transformed from the rear area of opening up to the frontier. The economic and social development and internal and international opening up in western China are enjoying unprecedented opportunities. Sichuan, situated at the junction of “Belt and Road” and Yangtze River Economic Zone, is the important transportation corridor connecting the east to the west and linking the north to the south, the interconnecting hub and economic hinterland supporting the “Belt and Road” national strategy and also the largest commodity market, production factor market and important goods and materials distributing area in western China.

China-Europe Train (Chengdu) is the first China-Europe train in China that operating every day. Shuangliu International Airport is the fourth largest aviation hub in this country, ranking No. 1 in central and western China in terms of passenger and cargo throughput for 10 years in a row. The second airport of Chengdu is to be completed in 2019, making it the third super-large regional aviation hub city across the country to have two airports. A large number of French-funded enterprises have been localized in this city, like Groupama, Auchan, Carrefour and Lafarge, covering finance, retailing, research and development, manufacturing and public utilities.

Give full play to the platform function of Western China International Fair for promoting opening up and international communication and cooperation

As introduced by Zheng Li, Western China International Fair is a key investment promotion, trade cooperation and diplomatic service platform in western China, having contributed a lot to development and opening of this region and lifting the open economy level of Sichuan.

To make use of the brand effect and resource advantages of Western China International Fair and create a province-wide new platform for opening up echoing with such Fair, Sichuan is to hold the Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo and International Investment Conference in Western China International Expo City, Chengdu, in September 15-18, 2017. This term of conference is themed at “Smooth Trade, Cooperation for Development”, organized by China Chamber of International Commerce and Organizing Committee of Western China International Fair, and undertaken by Secretariat of Organizing Committee of Western China International Fair. The total exhibition area is 60,000 square meters, consisting of industrial cooperation, commodity trade and service trade segments. To be specific, the industrial cooperation segment would have the electronic information exhibition zone and an equipment manufacturing exhibition zone. In the commodity trade segment are the imported liquor, drinks and food exhibition zone, imported fashionable apparel exhibition zone, imported infant & mom and daily necessities exhibition zone, and the imported handiwork exhibition zone. Besides, the national pavilions for BRICKS and countries along the Belt and Road would be added. The exhibition zone of local features would also be set up, for showing the quality characteristic products of cities (prefectures) of Sichuan and other provinces (cities and prefectures). In the third segment are the import & export channel and carrier exhibition zone.

For this Import and Export Expo, representatives of relevant national ministries, foreign economic and trade ministers, representatives of sister cities of Sichuan, international organizations and overseas chambers of commerce, experts and scholars, and representatives of Fortune 500 enterprises and travelling businessmen would be invited to be present. Domestic manufactures, important chambers of commerce, department stores, import and export traders, distributors, cross-border e-businesses and travelling businessmen of relevant industries would be invited to discuss the investment, exhibit and make purchase. Besides, the China-Italy Food Safety Cooperation Forum, China-Europe Train (Chengdu) International Cooperation Forum, China (Sichuan) South Asia Business Promotion Roundtable Seminar, 3rd International Port Trade and Logistics Cooperation Conference and other international conferences, and the 10th Western China International Sourcing Fair, the 2nd Western China Public Sourcing Fair and other trade matchmaking activities would be organized. Meanwhile, the Western China (Sichuan) International Investment Conference and E-commerce Forum, General Aviation Forum, FPD Forum, International Forum on Intelligent Vehicle and other professional forums are to be convened.

The presentation overseas is highly concerned in the political and business circles in France. A large number of enterprises expressed their determination to participate in the Import and Export Expo in Chengdu. 

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Western China (SiChuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair

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