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Source:Sichuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.  Date:2015-04-15

  • Potential Market

    The economy of western China is eye-catching for its full speed development. Sichuan, as a core economical growth region, is conducting foreign trade more and more frequently. In 2014, the total import and export value of foreign trade achieved RMB431.47 billion, with RMB157.6 billion of import trade value, taking up 35%. The import demand is huge with broad consumer market.

  • The First in Western China

    As the first exhibition in the western region aiming at overseas technology, service and brand, the import exhibition is remarkably striking. It is a best platform for the west region to open to the outside world, and also an optimum opportunity for overseas brands to expand market of western China.

  • Large-scale

    The import exhibition, as one of the biggest and most comprehensive exhibition of the west, covers a large area of 120,000m2. All pavilions of New International Convention & Exposition Center are opened. With 9 exhibition halls linked with each other, all passageways interconnected outside the hall, the exhibition is such a distinguished and renowned gathering even without much advertisement.

  • Golden Time

    For experience of years of the exhibitions been held, the memory that a grand exhibition is on the way has been branded on the mind of people and enterprises on Oct. 23rd-27th of each year. As a follow-up of the time mode of Western China International Fair, the import exhibition is bound to be a boisterous and exciting grand meeting.

  • Purchasing Match-making

    We are seeking what you seek through our merchant resources accumulated over the year. We are finding buyers and professional spectators in Sichuan and west China accurately for you. You will certainly gain a lot here. With strong database and professional trade matching, our core goal is to pursue the highest substantial results in exhibition.

  • Trade Interaction

    Led by bill of goods and aimed at business deal, trade communication fair has been established for the first time to provide you with one-to-one interactive time and exclusive negotiation place and help you succeed in achieving trade cooperation in no time.

  • All-round Publicity

    Global mass media, such as Xinhuanet, People’s Daily, Sina, Tencent, and Chengdu Commercial Daily have been invited for all-round publicity, which will make your products strike a pose on the stage of Sichuan and China quickly and stand out from the competition in no time; meanwhile, with the strong support of professional media, live report, serialization, exclusive interview are all ready for you choice.

  • Diversified Events

  • A rich mixture of supporting events and ceremonial high-end forums are inviting you to easily contact all resources and cultivate industrial connections rapidly:

  •   - Western Forum of Free Trade & Economy Globalization or Seminar for Import Strategy under An Open OBAOR Strategy

  •   - Sino-French SMEs Cooperation Forum

  •   - Western China Imports Purchase & Supply Symposium 2015

  •   - EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair

  •   - The 7th Culture and Commerce Exchange & Member Conference of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Chinese Association

  •   - China (Western) Import E-commerce Promotion Forum

  •   - The 2nd China (Western) International Panel Display Summit Forum

  •   - International  Investment  Conference

  • Quality Service

    We are committed to sharing resource and experience accumulated through years with you wholeheartedly, providing you with top-quality service, inviting targeted merchants for you, and offering the latest and firsthand business, western industry and government project information to you.



    Source: Sichuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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Western China (SiChuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair

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