Western China (SiChuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair



Western China (Sichuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair to be Held in Chengdu in October 2015

Source:official website of WCIF  Date:2015-04-10


On March 26th, the first session of Promotion of Western China (Sichuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair was held in Beijing Grand Millennium Hotel. The deputy director of Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce - Jia Guoyong attended and addressed the fair and the director of Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs - Zheng Li introduced the Expo.

        The following representatives were present at the Promotion: officials of Embassies in China of 22 countries such as Canada, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Malaysia and Egypt, etc.; principals from foreign and domestic chambers of commerce like German Chambers of Commerce, the Korea Chamber of Commerce in China, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Japan-China Economic Association, Canada China Business Council, China Association for Promoting UN Procurement (CAPUNP) and China National Textiles Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, etc.; well-known enterprise representatives of Dell. KPMG, Schneider, Air Liquide, ANA. Denso (China), Groupama Avic Insurance, Reed Exhibitions, PowerChina and Jingdong, etc.

It is reported that Western China (Sichuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair will be held in Chengdu from October 23rd to 27th this year with the purpose of expanding trade cooperation. China (Sichuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair will continuously hold promotion activities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taiwan as well as North America, the Middle East and Central Asia, etc. from March to April this year.

Strengthening the “Platform” for economic & trade exchange import exhibition

“Investment trade function will be intensified by this import exhibition, and we are striving to build an important economic and trade exchange platform of ‘One Belt One Road’ and branded exhibition for the openness and development of Western Region.”, expressed by Zheng Li. As with further implementation of Chinese “One Road One Belt” strategy, the western regions in China are now becoming a front for opening-up to the outside world, and we are in the face of unprecedented development opportunity. Western China (Sichuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair emerges right against this general background.


It is introduced that this exhibition is to be supported by the Ministry of Commerce, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, and it is to be co-hosted by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), Organizing Committee of the Western China International Fair and China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs (CFOCE).The exhibition is also to be co-organized by China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CICASME), China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Chamber of Commerce for Foodstuffs and Native Produce, Foreign Trade Development Department, Ministry of Commerce, Circulation Industry Promotion Center, Ministry of Commerce, China International Economic & Technical Cooperation Consultant Inc, consulates in Chengdu (Chongqing).

Supporting events “showing” their best

Apart from the proceeding of splendid 5-day Expo, centering on key words such as “investment” and “trade”, main forum themed by “free trade and economic globalization” will be organized, West of China (Sichuan) International Fair for Investment and Cooperation is to be held, investment promotion activities for special projects will be carried out for several times during the exhibition. Moreover, a series of economic and trade events as China International Trade Promotion Forum or Western China Import & Export Trade Promotion Service Seminar, Sino-French Cooperation Promotion of Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises, Western China Imports Purchase & Supply Symposium 2015, China (Western) Import E-commerce Promotion Forum, the 7th Culture and Commerce Exchange & Member Conference of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Chinese Association and China-Europe Investment, Trade and Technology Cooperation Symposium are to be held at the appointed time.

It is reported that the exhibition focuses on external (overseas) advanced technology equipment and key components, service & trade and consumer goods, integrating major strategy of industry transformation and upgrading of Sichuan province and speeding the reform and development of modern service industry. Six halls including advanced technology equipment hall, auto and parts hall, service & trade hall, commodity hall of countries along “One Belt One Road”, commodity hall of sister cities and consumable hall and outdoor exhibition space are to be established in the exhibition. The display covers international advanced technology and equipment, international auto manufacture techniques and vehicle-mounted information techniques, international logistics service, advanced technology of countries along Chengdu-Europe Express Rail, featured consumer goods of global countries, advanced technology, investment environment, tourism promotion and featured commodities of Sichuan’s sister cities, etc. The exhibition is becoming the largest professional import expo. of western China with its area covering 80,000 m2.

           [Synchronous broadcasting]

In 2014, Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs strengthened to plan and coordinate conference and exhibition industry of the whole province, to promote cities (states) to build branded conference and exhibition and to establish open platform of cities (states). The number and scale of provincial conference and exhibition keep growing steadily as a result. 982 major conferences and exhibitions were held, among which, 322 were exhibitions, 248 were international and regional meeting and forum, and 412 were celebrations and competitions. The exhibition area covers 4,120,000 m2, with year-on-year growth of 9tured exhibitions were also added, such as Luzhou International Alcoholic Drinks Expo, Sichuan International Travel & Exchange Expo. Provincial capital Chengdu was holding 530 important exhibitions and celebrations, including 214 exhibitions, the displaying area of which was 3,250,000 m2, with year-on-year growth of 8%. Chengdu is top ranked among all other exhibition cities.

2015 - Exhibition activities in Sichuan are still full of focus points

Besides the import expo, Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs also held important events including the 3rd China (Sichuan) Agriculture Expo and the 3rd Chengdu International Urban Modern Agricultural Expo, the 8th China International SME Fair, the 2nd China (Chengdu) International General Aviation Industry Development Summit Forum, the 2nd China Intelligent Automobile Forum, the 3rd Mianyang International Hi-Tech Expo, the 8th China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo, the 4th China International Logistics Expo, the 2nd China (Leshan) International Travel Expo, the 7th China Paocai International Trade Fair, etc. In addition, it also organized 10 more Sichuan enterprises to participate in CeBIT which is recently held in Germany. Sichuan exhibition hall presented its first incredible show on exhibition area of 288 m2 .A group of enterprises from Sichuan such as XCIMI, Chengdu Yi Unicom Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co., Ltd have entered into sales orders on the scene. Quality control service and NDT management cloud platform technology of Chengdu Goodall Science and Technology Co., Ltd. caught the eyes of municipal government of Germany’s Bremen and numerous other enterprises. Goodall reached cooperation with Hegel Company from Brunswick, German, jointly responsible for projects such as environmental monitoring of port and pipeline. In the next half year, Sino-Russia Drainage Basins Economic and Trade Cultural Cooperation Achievements Exhibition, and WCIF in Taiwan and so on will be conducted.

Golden autumn of next year - the 16th WCIF to be held in Chengdu

As revealed by Zheng Li on this Promotion, the 16th WCIF will be held in Sichuan Chengdu in autumn of 2016 according to unified arrangements of Central government, with exhibition area of more than 200,000 m2, the highlights of which will be halls of specialization, marketization, internationalization, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new energy & new materials, regional cooperation, etc. Major events of Western China International Cooperation Forum, Western China Investment Seminar & Economic Cooperation Signing Ceremony, Western China Sourcing Fair , the China-Europe Investment, Trade and Technology Cooperation Symposium, West China Financial Forum, etc. will be held in succession. Guest of honor, rotating chairman province and theme cities (states) are to be persisted. Unlike in the past, exhibition center of WCIF located at core area of Tianfu New Zone has been built and constructed since June 18th, 2014. Overall site area is supposed to be about 720,000 m2, and overall floorage to be 600,000 m2. By the end of January 2015, fixed-asset investment accrued to be around 2.1 billion Yuan, which accounts for 22% of overall workload. The exhibition hall is estimated to be completed and come into service by October 2016.


Source: official website of WCIF

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Western China (SiChuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair

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