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The Debut of Sichuan Exhibition Hall at Hannover in March

Source:Sichuandaily  Date:2015-04-10


As world’s leading grand meeting of IT and digital industry, the 2015 Centrum der Büro-und Informationstechnik (hereinafter referred to as the “CeBIT”) will be held in Hannover,Germanyfrom March 16th to 20th.

At the invitation of this year’s CeBIT,Chinawill not only act as the official partner country of CeBIT, the Sichuan Exhibition Hall will also make its debut at this event. What kinds of electronics will be displayed in Sichuan Exhibition Hall covering an area of 288m2? And what will the Sichuan exhibitors yearn for at the CeBIT? 
Nearly a hundred of innovative products will be showcased in Sichuan Exhibition Hall

The star product from XCIMI-family-type smart projector will be unveiled at CeBIT. This product, a bit larger than your palm, with service life as long as that of TV can play movies almost anywhere possible where there is a wall. On February 26th, CEO of XCIMI-Zhong Bo told reporter that this “projection television” based on Android operating system is able to connect computer with mobile via wireless network. “At the scheduled time, nearly a hundred of products introduced by 13 Sichuan enterprises will be displayed at the event and all the exhibited items can provide practical and independent leading technologies.” relevant principal of Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs expressed. Related official of Marketing Department of GENERALTOUCH Technology Co., Ltd. introduced that the company owns the wholly independent intellectual property right-patented surface acoustic wave touch technology and has won more than 100 international or domestic touch technology patents. 

In Zhong Bo's view, among all the exhibited items of Sichuan enterprises, most of the innovative products are smart hardware. He said: “Smart terminals consisted of software and hardware has become a tendency in the mobile internet era. Comparing with traditional STB and MIUI Box, they are totally different in appearance and application and the latter one is with more functions and better design.”
13 Sichuan enterprises exploring overseas market

13 Sichuan enterprises will participate in the exhibition together, what on earth do they want to gain? “At present, our market shares has reached more than 50% of the total market shares inChinaand our important goal in this year is to expand overseas market.” indicated by Zhong Bo. On account of the reasonable price and portability of the family-type smart projector, it is booming in the domestic market and XCIMI aims at making the product popularized in the overseas market via the CeBIT platform.

Principal of international trade business of the Company-Zhang Hui told the reporter that the company has been putting forth effort to expand international market since last year and it is still difficult to make the brand popularized in spite of it is well-accepted. “So, we hope to take this opportunity to show up in the international market and make our brand well-known.” said by Zhang Hui.

Majority of the enterprises hold the same purpose. Principal of the Marketing Department of Chengdu CHIFFO Electronics Co., Ltd. said frankly that exhibitors shall show their most competitive products to win a place in the market as the competition is increasingly fierce. In this exhibition, the specially launched product of CHIFFO Electronics -“L-type smoke exhaust ventilator” has been deemed as the pioneering product in the industry. “We are intended to compete with other rivals in the arena of international market.” said by the principal.

As for why the Sichuan enterprises participate in the exhibition together, on the one hand, it is due to the good partnership between the 15th Western Fair and Hannover in 2014. With the joint efforts of both sides, the first specialized industrial brand exhibition - Western China Manufacturing and Technology Fair has been successfully held for the first time, driving the development of industry and exhibition industry in Western China and Sichuan. On the other hand, Sichuan enterprises want to popularize their products to the world. “It helps enterprises expand international market and significantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises.”, related officials of Sichuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. indicated.

During the CeBIT 2015, Sichuan Electronic Information Industry Fair will be co-hosted by Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs and Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, relevant government sectors and trade associations from Hamburg and Bremen, etc. inGermanywill attend the fair. “Introduce our electronic information industry to the world and help the Sichuan exhibitors get real benefits.” said by the related official of Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs. 

Source: Sichuandaily

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