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Building Consensus, Making Concerted Efforts and Exploring Paths Transformation Development Plan for the Exhibition Industry of the Sichuan Expo System

Source:News Propaganda Department  Date:2015-04-29



Sichuan Expo System Working Conference was held in Luzhou on April 28th. Aiming at implementing the spirit of The Opinions on Further Promoting Reform and Development of the Exhibition Industry from the State Council launched a major new strategic deployment from the Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee and Provincial Government. The conference debated and discussed how to strengthen cooperation in the exhibition industry, quicken transformation & upgrades and change Sichuan Province into a strong province for the exhibition industry instead of a major province.

Zhengli, Director of the Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs and Jiang Fuyi, Secretary of the Luzhou Municipal Committee, attended the conference and gave speeches. Besides, Zeng Tong, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Luzhou Municipal CPC Committee, has delivered his address. Yang Qinglong and Liu Ying, Deputy Directors of the Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs, have introduced relevant situations for the exhibition industry in Sichuan with Wang Mian, Deputy Director of Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs, as the host of the conference.

Around fifty representatives from the Bureau of Exposition and competent exhibition departments in 21 cities (prefectures) including Chengdu, Mianyang, Luzhou, Neijiang A’ba and 6 counties (cities and districts) including Dujiangyan, Wenjiang District and Wenchuan County have participated in the conference and gave speeches.

Promoting spanning development with multiple measures and comprehensively optimizing distribution of the exhibition industry

Zhengli pointed out that after 20 years of cultivation and development, the exhibition industry in Sichuan has stepped onto a new stage. Sichuan has become a major province for the exhibition industry. Under the circumstances of a newly normalized economy, the exhibition industry in Sichuan is in a key period of transition from a major province for exhibitions to a strong province.

Centering on the spirit of The Opinions on Further Promoting Reform and Development of the Exhibition Industry from the State Council and strategic deployment for opening-up and industry development from the Provincial CPC Committee and Provincial Government. More efforts in different aspects will be made including optimizing development layouts, transforming development modes, strengthening international cooperation, cultivating main market players, creating exhibition brands, optimizing market environments, enlarging popularization, intensifying policy support, strengthening operations between cities and bureaus to actively explore new development routes, propel the development of the exhibition industry and provide better service for economic and social development.

It is understood that the exhibition industry in Sichuan will form a situation led by Chengdu, the WCIF and WCIF convention and exhibition centers with more a optimized allocation of exhibition cities, branded exhibitions and exhibition centers. Meanwhile, Sichuan will explore new exhibition development approaches to promote an integrative development of the exhibition industry with relevant industries as well as transfer government-oriented exhibitions from government sponsors to government purchasing services and introduce famous international brand exhibitions and organize enterprises to participate in or hold exhibitions abroad under the guidelines of bringing in and going abroad. Furthermore, it is indispensable to quicken market transformation, cultivate main market players and optimize the market environment.

As for creating an exhibition brand, Sichuan will try strive to hold branded exhibitions including the WCIF, West of China (Sichuan) Import Expo and International Investment Fair, the 3rd China (Sichuan) Agriculture Expo and Chengdu International Urban Modern Agriculture Expo, the 8th China International SME Fair centering on development strategy for five high-end growth industries and five leading service industries. Major branded exhibition projects in some cities (prefectures) such as the Wines & Food Expo, Auto Show, Furniture Exhibition, High-tech Expo, Wines Expo, Logistics Expo, Tourism Expo and Paocai Expo will be given more attention.

Besides socialization, marketization and professionalization of the exhibition industry in Sichuan is being advanced. It was announced that the Provincial Convention & Exhibition Association will be established as an active way during the conference. Documents such as The Evaluation System for Sichuan Branded Exhibition Project are seeking suggestions from different parts and a standard system for the exposition industry across the whole province will be further perfected.

Based on Developmental Characteristics, Actively Exploring Transformation and Upgrades

The conference was surrounded with quite a warm atmosphere for holding discussions and exchanging ideas. By tightlycombining The Opinions on Further Promoting Reform and Development of Exhibition Industry Issued by the State Councilwith major development strategies for Sichuan Province, delegates from different parts shared their experiences and willingly offered ideas and suggestions on promoting the development of the conference and exhibition industry in Luzhou and Sichuan Province at large.

At the conference, delegates from Chengdu exchanged their ideas and experiences on perfecting exhibition promotion mechanisms, fostering market competition, optimizing the exhibition development environment, strengthening exhibition publications and marketing, enhancing exhibition theory research and improving exhibition personnel quality, etc. With an expectation to expand cooperation space, share development opportunities and achieve mutually beneficial development with its sister cities.

Mianyang City put forward constructive thoughts and suggestions on developing a top-level design of the exhibition industry, leading cities and prefectures to hold unique exhibitions, establishing standards for building exhibition halls, constructing a statistical system for the exhibition industry, etc. With hopes to learn extensively from the experience from advanced cities and prefectures and further promote development of the Mianyang conference and exhibition industry .

Delegates from Luzhou City introduced the development of its conference and exhibition industry and expressed that Luzhou would genuinely prepare a plan for conference and exhibition industry development, continuously improve supporting service capacity of exhibitions and boost efforts to promote exhibitions. Utilizing the China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo and China Luzhou Southwest Commodity Fair as its platforms, Luzhou further strengthens the conference and exhibition industry with a leading role in the modern service industry.

Delegates from Neijiang indicated that following the The Opinions On Accelerating Development Of the Conference and Exhibition Industry issued by the government in 2014, Neijiang would invite experts to conduct research and formulate general planning for the conference and exhibition industry development in Nerjiang in accordance with its own development plan of city and industries; ,meanwhile, it would step up efforts to foster local exhibition enterprises and attract renowned exhibition enterprises at home and abroad to set up their institutions, hold exhibitions and carry out exhibition business for the purpose of creating a famous exhibition city in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone.

Leshan is speeding up construction on the newly built Sichuan International Travel Expo, estimated to be completed in July this year. The hall covers about 40,000 square meters.. At that time, the second Sichuan International Travel Expo will be held there, which will further optimize the exhibition infrastructure and exhibition development environment in Leshan.

By bringing cultural tourism advantages into full play, A’ba Prefecture strives to structure a conference and exhibition industry system featuring an exhibition hall that comes with solid facilities, complete exhibition services and concentration of branded exhibition projects and boost the exhibition economy of the whole prefecture, aiming to make bigger contributions to building the Economic Demonstration Area of Northwest Sichuan.

Wenchuan County aims to create bases for annual meetings and commercial activities that are open to Chengdu and Sichuan. By fully utilizing the advantages of local resources, Wenchuan will gradually cultivate 1 to 2 influential ethnic branded exhibitions to enhance influence of Wernchan as a brand.

Deyang, Yibin, Ganzhi, Ziyang, Meishan and other cities (prefectures) and counties (districts) present at the conference all made statements and spoke on their own development features and said they would push forward conference and exhibition industry development and better serve the social and economic development with greater efforts and more innovative strategies.

“The Well-Known Chinese and Foreign Enterprises Visit to Sichuan”

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